Still Hesitating?

Still unsure about your decisions on joining us here? Below are several points that maybe can relinquish some of the negative thoughts that are still clouding your minds.

Why work with us? we will list it down for you...

Attractive Remuneration

Leader will put a certain sales target for you to try achieving that target. The target can be either weekly or monthly target. The good news comes if you get to strike bullseye on that target, an attractive amount of money will be added to your basic salary as a form of commission. So, strive hard to achieve, as your effort surely will not be in vain as you will be rewarded fairly.

Nice working environment

Our environment will always be the catalyst of our performance thus affecting our result. Therefore, in 1M Tele Solutions, we strive to provide a better environment for you to work. We try to make it as condusive and as comfortable as we can. You will be seated in an air-conditioned room with your own cubical and a set of Personal Computer. Good ideas will come from a good environment.

Strong Leadership

One thing that will lead to the success of a company is good and strong leadership. Here, we picked the best leaders and managers to conduct and share their knowledge and experience to all telemarketers. Eventually, who knows, even without any experiences in this field, you soon can also stand among the highest sales achievers after you received guidance from them.

Overseas Trip

Surely, this is the fact that everyone will look forward to - Overseas trip. Either you will go to Australia, Korea, India or even Europe, that's depends on how your achievement on that year as this event will be done annually. So, what are you waiting for? Join us and works yourself up to strive for this premium offer!

Sport Club activities

Worrying about stress in workplace? Don't worry because here we try to throw away that stress far far away to the outer space by doing plenty of fun activities in our sports club which you will be automatically joined as you join us. There are plenty of activities done such as trip, dinner, small party, games and much more. So, kindly remove that stress thought that cloud your judgement and don't hesitate to contact and join us!

Making New Friends

Plenty of people from different generation and race are working in this company. Feel free to socialize with everyone. The more you make friends, more knowledge and experience you can share with each other.

In the Middle of Every Difficulties, Lies Opportunity.. Albert Einstein
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