Be the Best Among the Best!

Each and every one of us surely want the best thing for themselves. Below are the criteria that we served in order to be the best among the best.

WHY CHOOSE US's why...


Our commitment was, in fact, parallel with our mission. The responsibilities and target that we put up in our mission are the things that we will unleash our full commitment to. Especially with our clients, which we consider as the root to the establishment and development of 1M Tele Solutions. Therefore, we will always prioritize this commitment to our client to achieve our business objective thus making sure that the services provided was satisfied to ensure long term partnership can be achieved.


To ensure that the company objective are met successfully, we make sure that our professionalism was always practiced inside 1M Tele Solutions. Either it is our interaction and communication between our clients or interaction and communication between our tele sales representative and customers, professionalism will always be the main focus. To ensure that professionalism is always intact within ourselves, once again, we will keep remind ourselves about the true objectives of 1M Tele Solutions.


In order to be a successful person, focus is one necessary attitude. As usual, when we talk about focus , we will revert back to our mission and vision because this two things will always be our main focus from the start. As for a short term achievement, our focus will be locked on our mission while at the same time we still focusing on our vision as a long term achievement.


Teamwork is the thing that making us strong. A single corporation cannot be built by only a single person. We strive together in order to make sure that 1M Tele Solutions is always developing positively each day. We help and share our knowledge throughout 1M Tele Solutions so that everyone can achieve the same success as everybody else. Later on, an individual success will eventually led to a company success.


Integrity is the qualification of being honest and having a strong moral principals and ethics. We emphasize integrity in 1M Tele Solutions especially within our relationship with our clients. We stand firmly on what we aim for and fixed our behavior accordingly to our work ethics in order to free ourselves with deceitful and works sincerely. We will give our full effort to fulfill and upholding trusts that are given to us.


To ensure a happy long term relationship with our client and customer, we will make sure the services and output yielded by us had a quality that will provide full satisfaction to all parties. We make sure that quality is prioritize over quantity. We believe that soon enough, a good quality will increase our services or products quantity thus increasing our income.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not a single act, but a habit. Aristotle
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