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Here at 1M Tele Solutions, we strive to give you the best services that we can with our full effort so that your satisfaction towards our services can be guaranteed.


..that copes with our clients needs...


Generally, we will provide business outsourcing services to our clients. New clients or company that have desire to expand their business or searching for a new partnership are welcome to outsourced with us.


One of our services is managing a contact center for our client. The scope of this services includes managing up an outsourced campaign, setting up and prepare everything necessary in order for a contact center to operate such as facilities and applications. Our sales representatives will make an outbound tele marketing call to the desired customers. Result or products of our services will be sent to the clients after afterwards.


Besides contact center, we also provides services to the customer which is non marketing such as promotions and much more. Same as contact center services, we will set up and manage everything related to the outsourced campaign. Outbound customer services call will be made to the customer.

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